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Hawaiian Woods  
Made for an Hawaii Forest Industry Association competition to encourage use of non-threatened woods grown in Hawaii.  The back and sides are highly-flamed Kiawe, the soundboard is heavily figured Sugi Pine, the neck and headstock is Australian Red Cedar, the fingerboard is Eucalyptus Saligna, the bridge is 'Ohi'a Lehua, and the bindings, headplate and bridge tie-block are of Pheasant Wood.  All woods were grown in Hawaii, and none are considered threatened: Kiawe is considered an “invasive weed”, as is Eucalyptus!  The peghead has my “JAD” logo in Abalone; both soundboard lower bouts are inlaid with “Maui Girl”™ hula dancer designs in Mother-of-Pearl (one topless and the other “modest”); and the guitar has my signature abalone heelcap.  The guitar uses my proprietary Projection Tuned™ BRACELESS top.  It is fitted with 24K gold plated custom David Rodgers machine tuners with Monkeypod buttons and "Maui Girl"™ engraving.

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John A. Decker, Jr. - Luthier
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