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Persons wishing to purchase one of the Available Guitars should let me know their intentions by phone or email:

Dr. John Decker

I strongly urge potential customers to arrange their vacation to drop by Maui and play the guitar themselves.  Fine guitars are fragile and sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, so I do not ship my guitars anywhere on a trial basis under any circumstances.  Hand-carrying the guitar, in a suitable case, is the preferred mode of shipment, but I have had excellent results shipping guitars via FedEx Overnight Air.

Payment in full must be made prior to the delivery of the guitar, and will consist of the cost of the guitar plus packing-and-shipping at actual cost.  I prefer PayPal, but also accept personal and cashier’s checks.

Persons wishing or order a Custom Guitar are strongly urged to telephone me, as there are a myriad of options available, all of which impact the cost and delivery time of the guitar.  Some of the wood choices are:

  • Soundboard: Bearclaw German Spruce, German Spruce, Flamed Englemann Spruce, Englemann Spruce, Bearclaw Sitka Spruce, Carpathian Spruce, Caucasian Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Port Orford Cedar or Redwood.
  • Back & Sides: Koa, Brazilian Rosewood, Cambodian Rosewood, Madagascar Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Camatillo Rosewood, Cocobolo, Malaysian Blackwood, Macassar Ebony, Quilted Mahagony, Mesquite, Kiawe, Wenge, Myrtle, White Oak, Wenge, Ziricote, Tigerwood, Purple Heart, Lacewood, Padauk, Curly Walnut, Black Walnut, Walnut Burl, Ancient Kauri, FSC Pau Ferro, FSC Machiche or Caucasian Cyprus.
  • Neck: Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Maple, Walnut, Spanish Cedar or FSC Mahogany.
  • Fretboard: Ebony, Mesquite, Eucalyptus Saligna, Madagascar Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Rock & Birdseye Maple or Pink Ivory.
  • Headplate: Pink Ivory, Koa, Ebony, Madagascar Rosewood, Cocobolo, Hondouran Rosewood, Camatillo Rosewood, Malaysian Blackwood, Ziricote, African Blackwood, Bubinga, Curly Maple, Walnut, Snakewood, Redwood Burl or countless other exotics.

In addition, the buyer of a Custom Guitar can choose between David Rodgers, Robson, Gotoh, Waverly or Alessi tuning machines; needs to choose between 650mm, 660mm, 640mm or 655mm scale lengths; our “Maui Girl”, “Modern Maui Girl”, “Sexy Modern Maui Girl” or Logo-only peghead inlay; and may specify custom inlays.

After these and other items are fully discussed with a potential buyer, I will provide him/her with a written cost quotation noting in detail the agreed-upon specifications.  A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the cost is required before the order is entered, another 30% is required when construction begins, with the balance due on delivery.  Custom Guitars require from four to six months to build after receipt of the deposit.

All guitarmasterworks guitars are guaranteed for the life of the original owner against workmanship errors and faults in manufacture.  I cannot, however guarantee against damage, including that incidental to travel, shipment or climatic conditions.

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